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Approved research

Development of a risk prediction model for colorectal cancer

Principal Investigator: Professor Richard Houlston
Approved Research ID: 8508
Approval date: January 4th 2016

Lay summary

Knowledge of colorectal cancer (CRC) risk factors can be translated into improvements in prevention and early detection of CRC through risk stratification of the population and tailoring interventions according to risk. Paramount to this is the development of risk stratification models from prospective cohort studies, and the discovery of novel biomarkers of CRC risk. Aims a) To develop a risk prediction model for CRC that incorporates genetic, lifestyle and biomarker information b) To discover CRC risk alleles and new biomarkers predictive of CRC risk c) To evaluate the performance of new risk prediction models under development including environmental, biomarker and genetic information. The proposed research will result in development of a model for prediction of CRC that can be implemented in risk-stratified strategies for the prevention and early detection of CRC. We would like to request an extract of raw data on CRC risk factors and outcomes (colorectal polyps or cancer, other major diseases, survival) for participants in the UK Biobank. These data will be processed to derive variables for our analyses. Members of any age participating in the full UK Biobank cohort, but subset acceptable where data are not available on all participants.