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Approved Research

Dissecting the relationships between autoimmune rheumatic diseases and cancer

Principal Investigator: Professor Haifeng Pan
Approved Research ID: 80827
Approval date: July 13th 2022

Lay summary

All efforts are expected to be finished in the next 36 months. In this project, we aim to comprehensively investigate the risk of incident cancer and survival in patients with autoimmune rheumatic diseases, and the risk of autoimmune rheumatic diseases in patients with a history of cancer. We also evaluate the association between autoimmune rheumatic diseases and cancer survival. Furthermore, we dissect the underlying mechanisms that contribute to the observed association, including shared genetic architecture, environmental determinants, medical treatments of autoimmune rheumatic diseases as well as dysregulated immune function. Our project is expected to deeply dissect the relationship between autoimmune rheumatic diseases and cancer, which may guide individual for risk stratification more accurately for improving prevention and treatment of rheumatic diseases and cancer.