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Approved research

Distribution and biological, environmental and lifestyle determinants of visual function and of refractive error in adults (aged 40 to 69 years) in the UK.

Principal Investigator: Professor Jugnoo Rahi
Approved Research ID: 669
Approval date: January 1st 2013

Lay summary

There are major gaps in our epidemiological knowledge about the visual health of adults in the UK. This project will conduct a cross-sectional and longitudinal (life course) analysis to investigate the biological, social and lifestyle factors, across the life span, that are associated with visual function and the risk of sight impairment. We also aim to investigate the general and mental health, social factors and ethnic diversity of adults with impaired sight in the UK Biobank with a view to identifying risk factors that can be modified or biological processes and pathways that would merit further research to develop new treatments. Our findings will also provide information to support current advocacy for equitable and appropriate allocation of resources for individuals with impaired vision. Specifically, using short-sightedness (myopia), as a model of 'complex' eye disease (i.e. influenced by genes and the environment) we will investigate these complex relationships between myopia and a diverse range of risk factors over the life course. This project is also linked to genetic investigations of myopia within UK Biobank. This project requires baseline data for the whole cohort on eye measures, lifestyle and psychosocial factors, blood pressure, body impedance and medical conditions. N/A N/A