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Approved research

Drug toxicity and target discovery using genetic loss of function within disease subtypes

Principal Investigator: Dr Zhaoshi Jiang
Approved Research ID: 35066
Approval date: March 25th 2019

Lay summary

We, at Gilead, have been expanding efforts to develop therapeutics that address areas of unmet medical need in complex human diseases such as cancer and inflammatory diseases. Towards that goal, we want to leverage genetic data to advance our understanding of disease biology, to identify targets for drug development, and to discover potential biomarkers related to therapeutics we are developing. We plan to use the genetic data and corresponding health information from UK Biobank to better understand associations between a person's genetic code and their health. Based on these learned associations, we aim to lessen the amount of time it takes to develop effective medicines. The access to UK Biobank data will aid the discovery of new therapeutics and improve the efficacy and safety of those currently in development at Gilead.