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Approved research

Epidemiology of chronic pain

Principal Investigator: Professor Gary Macfarlane
Approved Research ID: 1144
Approval date: November 5th 2012

Lay summary

This project will investigate the epidemiology of chronic pain. It will determine: * how common pain is at individual sites throughout the body as well as `widespread body pain` *the factors associated with the reporting of pain including demographic (age, sex, socioeconomic status), lifestyle factors (smoking , alcohol, physical activity) *other health related factors reported with pain (e.g. fatigue and mood disorders) *whether persons who report pain also report markers of poor cardiovascular (heart) and respiratory (lung) health and whether their lifestyle puts them at an increased risk of cancer. *the relationship between reporting of pain and history of falls and fractures. The project meets Biobank's purpose by researching common and disabling symptoms in the population with a view to further understanding their aetiology. Such knowledge will help to inform the design of future trials to optimise management. This application requires only data on the full cohort. project It requires linkage to cancer incidence and mortality data (as and when it becomes available), and requires baseline data on lifestyle and psychosocial factors, medical conditions, bone densitometry and blood pressure;