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Approved research

Epidemiology of Head and Neck Cancer

Principal Investigator: Dr Tatiana Macfarlane
Approved Research ID: 31538
Approval date: December 15th 2014

Lay summary

Head and neck cancer (HNC) (oral cavity, pharynx and larynx combined) is, globally, the eighth most common cancer and the ninth cause of cancer mortality. Both incidence and mortality continue to increase in many countries, including UK, and there is lack of efficient therapy and considerable associated morbidity and mortality. We aim to confirm the associations of HNC with smoking, alcohol consumption, markers of poor diet and genetic factors and to investigate novel risk factors such as medical history and medication use. We also plan to examine factors which are associated with poor disease prognosis. This proposal is consistent with UK Biobank's mission of health-related research in the public interest. Our project will help to further understand the aetiology of head and neck cancer and this will translate into better prevention policies, improved diagnosis and prognosis. 1. We will identify cases of HNC from cancer registry data and compare to healthy controls. We will investigate socioeconomic and demographic factors, Behavioral factors, Medication use, Medical history and Oral health. We will also investigate genetic factors once this information is available. 2. We will investigate survival in HNC patients and investigate the associated factors. 3. We will compare quality of life and other factors between long term HNC survivors and recently those diagnosed. We will need access to the whole cohort in order to investigate the descriptive epidemiology and select the suitable controls.