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Approved research

Establishment and characterization of polygenic risk scores for geriatric diseases such as cognitive impairment in both European and non-European populations

Principal Investigator: Dr Kouichi Ozaki
Approved Research ID: 60066
Approval date: May 18th 2020

Lay summary

Utilizing genetic information comes crucial for precision medicine in which medical decisions, treatments and practices are tailored to the individual patient. Polygenic risk score (PRS), which is the sum of hundreds of thousands of a genetic effect on a disease, is known to be a useful tool to realize preventive and precision medicine, because PRS can stratify patients at risk in terms of genetic risks. To provide robust genetic evidences for PRS, population-specific large-scale studies are required. Unfortunately, non-European populations suffer from the lack of such population-specific large-scale studies. Thus, non-European populations are not able to receive the benefits from the novel preventive and precision medicine. Here, we aim to demonstrate that non-European population can make to utilize of European genetic evidences by means of meta-analysis of non-European result and European result of GWAS, especially in cognitive impairment. By doing so, we can pave the way to precision medicine for cognitive impairment in non-European populations.