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Approved Research

Estimating disparities in unmet clinical need in patients with cardiovascular disease

Principal Investigator: Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard
Approved Research ID: 77032
Approval date: October 11th 2021

Lay summary

The number of people living with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) has increased substantially in recent years, and they experience a wide range of impacts on their health, both in relation to CVD and other health conditions.  Providers of healthcare face increasing demands from increasingly complex patients who are living in poor health with multiple health conditions for longer. Understanding the cardiovascular and wider health impacts to individuals and healthcare systems respectively and identifying patient groups with the highest unmet need can inform data-driven decisions on providing treatments and allocating health resources in the population. This is particularly important for cardiovascular health, as cardiovascular health profiles are highly complex: individuals have very different underlying combinations of diseases and experience significantly different health trajectories over time. This complexity is best captured through the analysis of large-scale health databases that contain a rich variety of information, such as the UK Biobank.