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Approved Research

Evaluation of Genomic Data for Association with Postoperative Infection

Principal Investigator: Dr Khaled Saleh
Approved Research ID: 60717
Approval date: November 25th 2020

Lay summary

The aim of our project is to explore whether there are genetic factors which influence the development of any of the following: 1) postoperative infection; 2) opioid abuse; and 3) PTSD development. The scientific rationale is that if genetic associations are discovered, they can then be used to help identify patients who are at increased risk for the development of the aforementioned three outcomes. We can then work to build tools which will effectively identify these high-risk patients and offer a chance to intervene to reduce their risk. The duration of our project will be at least one year as we access the data, run analyses, and collect and publish our findings. The public health impact will be to reduce the incidence of these postoperative outcomes.