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Approved Research

Evaluation of longitudinal quantitative biomarkers to assess for changes in cardiometabolic health

Principal Investigator: Dr Garry Choy
Approved Research ID: 68705
Approval date: April 20th 2021

Lay summary

Anatomic changes in the body may hold significance in the informing of cardiovascular risk.  For example, visceral fat volumes, distribution patterns of fat in the body, muscle volumes, organ volumes, and brain volumes may help determine if someone is at risk for various cardiovascular conditions.  Our study aims to evaluate the degree of significance these anatomic markers have in determining cardiovascular risk.

 We will study this by correlating imaging data with non-imaging data.  We will do a retrospective study of existing MRI data and other data such as genomic and biochemical biomarkers.  The duration of the project will be approximately 36 months and the public health impact on better understanding cardiometabolic disease is significant - one of the top disease categories affecting significant proportion of the general population.