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Approved Research

Extended validation of ArtFun+: a Software as Medical Device (SaMD) for cardiovascular event risk evaluation.

Principal Investigator: Dr Timothée Evain
Approved Research ID: 73134
Approval date: November 30th 2021

Lay summary

This project aims to confirm the findings from previous smaller studies about the possibility to estimate people's risk of cardiovascular diseases from a non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exam by evaluating the arteries elasticity using IMAGEENS' ArtFun+ software. Arterial function is a major factor impacting the development of life-threatening diseases such as ischemic heart diseases or aortic aneurysms. The ability to spot early signs of disease can support physicians in their preventive treatment decisions, enabling improved and more cost-effective clinical outcomes. IMAGEENS' ArtFun+ is a software that reads MRI images and estimates the arteries elasticity by automatic image processing. Project is scheduled to take 1 year.