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Approved Research

Fine-mapping kidney function variants

Principal Investigator: Dr Gabriel Loeb
Approved Research ID: 78379
Approval date: February 24th 2022

Lay summary

Kidney disease is a common cause of death and illness, but remains very poorly understood and challenging to treat.  The goal of the proposed work is to understand how kidney disease develops by studying differences in the genomes of people with and without kidney disease.  This work improves on past work by 1) using better methods of identifying people with kidney disease from within UK biobank and 2) applying novel data and techniques to precisely identify the specific parts of the genome responsible for kidney disease development.

Therapies based on this type of genetic evidence are much more likely to help patients.  As a medical doctor who treats patients with kidney disease, I am hopeful that this work will help pave the way towards more effective therapies for my patients.