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Approved research

Gary Frost

Principal Investigator: Professor Gary Frost
Approved Research ID: 837
Approval date: February 1st 2015

Lay summary

Aim: To investigate the link between diet, lifestyle, body fat content and distribution and health outcome in people who are normal, overweight and obese. One of the purposes of the UKBiobank is to promote the understanding of disease prevention. We aim to assess the impact of body fat content and distribution on disease. This may lead to new understanding of the role of body fat distribution on disease development, particularly at lower weights. Furthermore, the research will give detailed understanding of how nutritional habit impact body composition. We aim to use the full cohort in the UKBB in order to investigate the variance of body composition at each body mass index band (18-24.8 kg/m2; 25-29.9 kg/m2; 30-40 kgm2 and >40 kg/m2). We also propose to assess the impact of lifestyle and particularly nutrition on these BMI bands. In a sub-cohort of subjects we propose to use the bio-impedance data to look at total body-fat content in more detail, as well as DEXA and waist measurements. We will subsequently use the MRI and DEXA data from the UKBB enhanced phenotyping protocol. We are interested: 1. In understanding how diet impacts on body composition, especially body fat, within a BMI category. To allow assessment of the impact of dietary exposure, we would like to request access to the 24 hour dietary recall data 2. We also wish to understand how body fat content and distribution within a BMI range affects blood pressure, development of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. To do this we will undertake regression analysis to investigate the relationship between body composition and disease risk. 1. Full cohort for BMI and dietary analysis (500,000) 2. Full cohort of subjects with BI and DXA, to look at body fat content and diet (20,000) 3. Full cohort undergoing MRI, to look at body fat distribution and ectopic fat and diet. Initially we will look at the pilot data (6-10 thousand), but aim to utilize the whole 100,000 datasets as the UKBB enhanced phenotype goes ahead.