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Approved research

Gene and environment association studies in HUNT and UK Biobank

Principal Investigator: Dr Ben Brumpton
Approved Research ID: 40135
Approval date: July 4th 2018

Lay summary

We aim to use UK Biobank to support current research projects in the HUNT by replicating GWAS, MR and observational study findings. The HUNT dataset included comprehensive questionnaires, clinical examinations and interviews. More than 14,000 unique questions or measurements. We therefore request a range of data matching or complementing our existing data. Within Norway there are a limited number of population based studies that can be used for replication. Studies with genotyped data are especially sparse. Using the UK Biobank will provide an opportunity to replicate health related research findings in a more than suitably large population with similar population characteristics. Comparing across populations is especially important for causal inference. Biased estimates due to selection bias, population stratification, the underlying confounding structures in the population and other systematic biases can undermine study findings. Replicating results in a second cohort such as UK Biobank will help to reduce the reporting of erroneous results and strengthen study findings. We expect that the project will run for a minimum of five years and be updated as required. The utilization of both cohorts (HUNT and UK biobank) will improve public health research by increasing the power to detect associations, the precision of estimates and the robustness of findings, and therefore improve public health.