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Approved research

Gene mapping and genetic correlation across complex traits

Principal Investigator: Professor Stuart MacGregor
Approved Research ID: 25331
Approval date: April 18th 2017

Lay summary

Previously we have used the GWAS approach to map genes for a range of complex diseases. We have shown that loci overlap between a wide variety of complex traits. We will extract information on the full range of traits measured by UK Biobank and combine this with GWAS data we have in hand for a wide range of complex traits (including various cancers, eye disease, psychiatric traits). We will use the combined data to map novel loci for each trait as well as to estimate the overlap between traits. Our work will provide insights into the relationship between a wide range of complex traits. In the future this may help us improve our understanding of the molecular aetiology of complex trait risk. We will extract information on a wide range of traits and diseases and use UK Biobank array data, together with our own data, to test if there is a significant genetic overlap between traits. We will conduct analysis attempting to identify the specific genes underpinning each trait. Full cohort.