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Approved Research

Genetic Analysis of Common Dermatological Conditions

Principal Investigator: Dr Joel Correa Rosa
Approved Research ID: 59851
Approval date: September 22nd 2020

Lay summary

The goal of this project is to increase disease understanding in common dermatological conditions that have a strong genetic component. Skin diseases are very sophisticated in their phenotypes, which prevents precision medicine from bringing the right therapeutics to the right patient. This is an 18-months project that will make extensive use of statistical methods, coupled to biological expertise, to link the genetics in skin-diseases to unmet needs in patients. Moreover, skin conditions are often triggered by similar mechanisms present in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The identification and characterization of patients groups with different genetic backgrounds will benefit the development of new therapeutics and relief the burden in the dermatological public health caused by poor characterization of skin disease subtypes.