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Approved Research

Genetic and Biological Mechanism Exploration of Preeclampsia Women with Renal or Cardiovascular Complications

Principal Investigator: Mrs Wei Wang
Approved Research ID: 77842
Approval date: December 6th 2022

Lay summary

Preeclampsia (PE), occurring in about 5% of all pregnancies, is a major cause of maternal and perinatal mortality. Recently, genome wide association study (GWAS) has made an significant effort on preeclampsia. The proposed study would intend to find a gene related on PE with its main complications as renal and cardiovascular disease based on GWAS analysis in UK biobank cohort; furthermore, to explore biological mechanism controlled by identified gene and to carry out cell culture experiments and animal model validation; ultimately, to confirm biological experimental consequences via clinical preeclampsia cases and provide significant evidence to support to improve clinical treatment protocols. This study would request datatset referred to preeclampsia and control cases via UK Biobank data field only in female cohort. Association analysis will be performed followed by standard procedure. Validation experiments is going to be carried out through mice model and clinical cohort in our local hospital. The data scale and composition of the UK Biobank make it an excellent place to do research on preeclampsia with complications and genetics of the public health, and the estimated expected completion time of the initial analysis stage of this study will be 36 months.