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Approved Research

Genetic and Biomarker Data Improve Risk Prediction for Gastrointestinal Cancer in large Population Studies

Principal Investigator: Dr Chen Suo
Approved Research ID: 63726
Approval date: July 9th 2020

Lay summary

Aims: We aim to evaluate the performance of these indices in the prediction of cancer risk and to construct a predicting score mechanism based on the large cohort study.

The background and scientific rationale of the proposed research project in general.

How to early diagnosis cancer in population is key to disease prevention and control, which means a sensitive screening method should be used to public health career. Previous studies have reported that Mendelian disorders and monogenic traits result from combinations of variants in 1 or a few genes that have a large effect on the propensity for developing a certain disease or characteristic. However, the practical applications of polygenic risk information for screening or for guiding lifestyle and medical interventions in the clinical setting remain further analysis.

Project duration : 24 months

Public health impact : Our study is informative to identify individuals at high risk of premature death and help personalize preventive measures. Our results are of importance arrangement of limited medical resources and management of large population.