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Approved research

Genetic and non-genetic determinants of cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and aging.

Principal Investigator: Dr Guido Falcone
Approved Research ID: 58743
Approval date: May 18th 2020

Lay summary

Our aim is to identify new risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (like coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction), cerebrovascular diseases (like stroke) and aging-related conditions (like dementia). The rationale for this project is that, in combination, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and aging-related conditions account for a significant proportion of the mortality and morbidity encountered in both the developed and developing world. In this setting, the identification of new risk factors for these diseases will help to both find new treatments and improve the way we select people for these new treatments. Project duration: 24 months. Public health impact: we will contribute to advance our understanding of how people get cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases and aging-related conditions. By advancing this understanding, we will also contribute to find new ways to prevent and treat these conditions.