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Approved research

Genetic association analysis for brain imaging phenotypes in Alzheimer's Disease

Principal Investigator: Professor Jong-Min Lee
Approved Research ID: 47349
Approval date: August 30th 2019

Lay summary

The aim of this proposal is to identify novel genes that are associated with brain imaging phenotypes using the whole cohort in healthy participants and to investigate the effect of identified genes on Alzheimer's disease. We plan to perform multi-modal brain image processing and extract brain imaging phenotypes in the first year. Multi-modal imaging phenotypes will be calculated from T1, T2, fMRI, and DWI. In the second year, we will perform genetic associations study using healthy participants and try to identify risk genes affect imaging phenotypes. We will perform SNP-based GWAS as well as gene-baed and pathway analysis to overcome SNP-based association study and to identify interaction effects of genes on phenotypes. And in the final year, we will perform validation that uses Alzheimer's disease subsets and try to explain the association between the identified genes and disease pathology.