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Approved research

Genetic basis of circulating biomarkers, cardiometabolic disease, body composition and lifestyle

Principal Investigator: Dr Yann Klimentidis
Approved Research ID: 15678
Approval date: December 1st 2015

Lay summary

The aim of the proposed research is to identify genetic variants which are associated with either one circulating biomarker or with several circulating biomarkers at once, and how these associations differ across racial/ethnic groups, medication use, lifestyle factors, and prevalent disease status. We are principally interested in biomarkers and diseases related to obesity, body composition, and lipid levels. Since these circulating biomarkers are major clues to health status and disease risk, the overarching purpose of this research is to better understand the etiology of major diseases such as type-2 diabetes and heart disease. With this improved etiological and molecular understanding, it may be possible to develop or improve therapeutics, and/or otherwise improve prediction and prevention of disease. We will essentially be looking for links between genetic variants, and biomarkers, disease, and body composition. We will consider all genetic variants which are available, and we will also focus on previously established/known genetic markers. We will look for genetic variants that are associated with biomarkers, disease status, body composition, lifestyle factors, and anthropometric traits. We will use standard statistical procedures such as linear and logistic regression, as well as multivariate regression. We would like to use the full cohort.