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Approved research

Genetic determinants of objective physical activity levels and fitness in the UK Biobank

Principal Investigator: Dr Soren Brage
Approved Research ID: 12885
Approval date: May 11th 2015

Lay summary

Physical activity is an important determinant of general health. Furthermore, family studies have suggested that physical activity levels are heritable likely to have a significant genetic component. Furthermore, muscular strength is also an important parameter of health, particularly in ageing. It also has a significant genetic component, which remains poorly characterised to date. Thus, understanding the genetic aetiology of physical activity levels and muscular strength is an important step in understanding the aetiology of disease and physical function during ageing. Physical activity levels and strength are important determinants of health. The biological inferences that can be gained from human genetic discovery efforts will support future translational research. We will investigate genetic differences that are associated with variation in physical activity levels and in muscular strength. We can then use this information to understand the role of these genes in the causes of diseases and mortality. Full cohort