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Approved research

Genetic study of normal hearing function (NHF) and age-related hearing loss (ARHL)

Principal Investigator: Dr Giorgia Girotto
Approved Research ID: 28489
Approval date: October 23rd 2018

Lay summary

The aim of this project is to investigate and replicate genes/loci previously detected in our in-house database as potentially involved in Normal hearing function and Age-related hearing loss. Being the leading group in discovering new genes involved in these traits, and considering the lack of knowledge in this field, we can take advantage of the unique opportunity to combine Uk Biobank and our G-EAR consortium data. In this light, UK Biobank is a fantastic national and international health resource of genetic and phenotypic data of interest and it Uk Biobank resources data would be useful to further replicate our findings and to estimate the overall contribution of ARHL genes with the aim of possibly developing preventive targeted therapies. Finally, knowledge arising from the project will allow us to shed more light on the genetic bases of the auditory system with advances that will impact also at welfare level by influencing public health. The project will end after 36 months.