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Approved Research

Genetic Variation and Phenotypic Associations with Select Dermatologic Disease

Principal Investigator: Mr Ahmed Yousaf
Approved Research ID: 66911
Approval date: May 13th 2021

Lay summary

Select dermatologic diseases, including acne, psoriasis,  hand eczema, lichen planus, hidradenitis supurativa, rosacea, polymorphic light eruption, and more have strong links to genetic variation. Previous reports have linked these diseases to susceptibility genes. However, to date, genome-wide association studies are lacking. We intend to use the inpatient and outpatient records to identify select dermatologic diseases in order to reveal their genetic associations. Secondly, we plan to use the extensive phenotypic information accessible through the UK Biobank to identify previously hypothesized associations with dermatologic disease (ie. the link between acne and diet, hidradenitis suppurativa and smoking, etc.).

The project duration is expected to last 24 months.  Public health impact cannot be understated. Identifying new susceptibility genes in major dermatologic disease has the potential to identify new treatment modalities that have gone unexplored. Identifying phenotypic associations will serve to further validate or go against previously hypothesized links with select dermatologic disease.