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Approved Research

Genetic variations and psychosocial adversities in stress-related mental disorders

Principal Investigator: Professor Xiangfei Meng
Approved Research ID: 61716
Approval date: May 19th 2021

Lay summary

This research program focuses on the most common mental disorders-stress-related mental disorders. To shed light on better identification of people with stress-related mental disorders, we plan to explore genetic markers and psychosocial factors that could be used to identify those with a higher risk of SMD. The overarching goal of this research program is to develop a disease risk index of SMD to help target the most important risk factors for prevention and intervention purposes. This research program will also explore how the risk index connects to the use of health services and medications. It is hoped that this research work will lay an empirical foundation for our understanding of the relationships between genetic variations and psychosocial adversities and SMD. This research program will provide new knowledge on SMD risk prediction to help detect the most important modifiable risk factors, which will make the identification of those at risk, target appropriate prevention/intervention programs more effectively, and realize precision medicine in the field of mental health.