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Approved Research

Genetics, Fatty acids and Health Outcomes in the UKBiobank

Principal Investigator: Dr Nathan Tintle
Approved Research ID: 85092
Approval date: May 13th 2022

Lay summary

Emerging evidence suggests that fatty acid levels are strongly associated with a wide variety of health outcomes including cardiometabolic, cognitive, eye health, joint health and all-cause mortality, among others. Fatty acid levels in the blood are determined by a mix of both genetic and nutritional (what you eat) factors. In this research we will use fatty acid level data from UkBiobank participants to determine (a) which genes are most associated with fatty acid levels in UkBiobank, (b) which health outcomes are most associated with fatty acid levels in UkBiobank and (c) how fatty acid levels may be more strongly associated with health outcomes in some people (e.g., certain genetic profiles). By confirming these associations in UKBiobank, we will gain additional insights into disease pathways for common diseases and how certain groups of individuals may benefit from nutritional intervention strategies to modify fatty acid levels.