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Approved research

Genetics of Infection Susceptibility

Principal Investigator: Dr John Lees
Approved Research ID: 25747
Approval date: March 1st 2017

Lay summary

Many individuals are exposed to infectious bacteria, but only a subset develop serious disease. It is likely that at least part of this variability can be explained by the genetic variation between individuals. We aim to study the relationship between genetic variants and infectious disease. Infectious diseases are a major public health issue, and receive relatively little attention from the pharmaceutical industry. One reason for this is the lack of understanding of the fundamental host mechanisms of susceptibility, and response to infection. Genome-wide association studies offer a means to better understand this biology, and ultimately help to develop better tests and treatments for a range of bacterial infections. We will test for statistical association between genetic variants measured in Biobank participants and hospital admissions records for a range of infectious diseases, and other related outcomes. Full cohort.