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Approved Research

Genomics of heart failure traits

Principal Investigator: Professor Thomas Cappola
Approved Research ID: 65965
Approval date: September 22nd 2020

Lay summary

Heart failure is a common condition that arises when the output of the circulation fails to meet the body's needs. When this occurs, patients develop fatigue, breathlessness, and swelling and are at increased risk for hospitalization and mortality. Studies in families and in populations have shown that the likelihood of developing heart failure is inherited. In certain types of heart failure, researchers have determined which genes and DNA changes are responsible, and this information has been helpful to counsel families and to suggest new treatments.  However, in the majority of cases we have been unable to determine the genes that matter. 

The extensive information amassed by the UK biobank and its participants provides a powerful opportunity to make progress in our understanding of this disease. Our project aims to find heart failure genes by determining how DNA changes affect changes in the heart, vessels, and other measurements made during UK biobank visits and follow-up. We will also determine how these DNA changes influence the risk of being hospitalized for heart failure and having prolonged survival after development of heart failure.  Our hope is that this information will enable physicians to offer better risk assessment and care to our patients, and researchers to find new targets for drug development and potential treatments.