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Approved Research

Global Market Behaviour and The Anxious Brain

Principal Investigator: Dr Alexander Lebedev
Approved Research ID: 62895
Approval date: July 27th 2020

Lay summary

We lack knowledge about how the global economy impacts the life and wellbeing on a population level, and even less about the underlying mechanisms. Despite clear evidences suggesting significant correlations between global stock market changes and people's wellbeing, to date there are few studies that have looked into biological underpinnings of these complex, but nevertheless important relationships. In the present project, we want to understand how global market fluctuations impact our brains in general and the brains of the groups that are most vulnerable. We estimate this project to last approximately 12 months.

Our findings will shed light on how global events impact individual's neurobiology and wellbeing and will have significant implications for public health and economic decision-making by providing important information that is crucial for enhancing human-oriented economic development globally.