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Approved Research

Gut hormones, genetic variation and risk of disease and mortality in the general population

Principal Investigator: Dr Marianne Benn
Approved Research ID: 81614
Approval date: February 15th 2022

Lay summary

This project aims to investigate the long-term effects of treatment with a new class of anti-obesity and anti-diabetic drugs that targets the levels of gut hormones. This will be done by studying specific naturally occurring differences in people's genes, which may affect the function or levels of gut hormones. Thereby, we can study life-long effects of diverse levels of gut-hormones, as a proxy of treatment with drugs that affect these levels. This information may be useful for physicians as well as patients receiving these new drugs, as a supplement to the results form clinical trials. Clinical trials are often short in duration and only include a selected part of the population, while genetic studies investigate long-term effects in a broad population.

We are planning to complete our analysis and interpret the results within 36 months from receiving all the data.