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Approved research

GWA studies across African and European ethnicities to determine correlation in associated SNPs

Principal Investigator: Professor Nicola Mulder
Approved Research ID: 53163
Approval date: February 17th 2020

Lay summary

This project will perform genome-wide association studies to look at the genetic variants that may be associated with diseases of the circulatory and digestive systems. The project will study individuals with African ancestry and individuals with European ancestry to determine whether the genetic variants associated with disease risk are the same. The results will be compared to studies on individuals living in Africa to determine the impact of the environment. Since most studies to date have been done on non-African populations, there is still a gap in knowledge of the genetic determinants of diseases in African populations. African countries have some of the highest disease burdens world-wide, yet their inhabitants have the most limited access to high quality healthcare and appropriate treatments. This research, which is likely to take up to three years, aims to improve our understanding of the susceptibility and mechanism of action, of important diseases. The project can have a potential long term impact in determining the best treatment for individuals of African descent, both in Africa and abroad, where many individuals of African descent reside.