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Approved research

Health satisfaction of individuals diagnosed with coeliacs disease, IBD and healthy controls

Principal Investigator: Dr Jennifer Fisher
Approved Research ID: 3224
Approval date: July 1st 2014

Lay summary

The primary aim of the proposed analysis is to examine health satisfaction and its predictors in individuals with coeliac disease. It is a cross sectional analysis of baseline data and will require no follow up data or access to samples. Specific aims are: 1. To identify whether individuals with coeliac disease report lower health satisfaction compared to individuals with irritable bowel syndrome and healthy controls. 2. To identify demographic and psychosocial predictors of health satisfaction in individuals with coeliac disease. Few studies have evaluated well-being among individuals with coeliac disease. The work meets the UK Biobank's stated purpose by examining health satisfaction of individuals with coeliac disease and identifying its correlates. The proposed analysis will involve from 2052 individuals with with coeliac disease. The first aim will compare these cases to 11,494 cases with irritable bowel syndrome and a larger number of healthy controls. The proposed study will require data for the full cohort of participants.