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Approved Research

Heterogeneity of Chronic Liver Disease

Principal Investigator: Dr Panu Luukkonen
Approved Research ID: 62797
Approval date: October 27th 2020

Lay summary

Chronic liver diseases, such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, encompass a continuum ranging from steatosis to cirrhosis and liver cancer and affect up to 1 in 4 people world-wide. For unclear reasons, only a small portion of individuals develop the most severe forms of chronic liver disease. We aim to identify genetic and non-genetic risk factors and their interaction to elucidate the susceptibility to advanced liver disease. Moreover, we aim to develop tools for the use of doctors to better identify individuals who are at a particularly high risk of advanced liver disease. Better understanding of the modifiable risk factors could also inform of potential treatment targets.

Duration: 36 months.