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Approved Research

Identification and comparison of plasma metabolomics signatures for common types of gastrointestinal cancer

Principal Investigator: Dr Dong Hang
Approved Research ID: 74073
Approval date: July 22nd 2021

Lay summary

Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer constitutes a major part of the cancer incidence and mortality statistics worldwide. However, the biological mechanisms underlying GI carcinogenesis remains largely unknown. Although metabolic disturbances have been proposed to play a critical role in the development of GI cancer, it is unclear about which metabolites are involved and whether they can be used as biomarkers for predicting cancer risk.

Therefore, based on UK Biobank, we aim to identify metabolites associated with GI cancer and to evaluate the risk prediction ability of the identified metabolites for GI cancer beyond known risk factors. We will spend about 2 years on the analyses. This project will provide significant insight into molecular mechanisms of GI cancer and identify novel biomarkers for its tailored prevention.

Scope extension:

This project aims to:

1.Identify plasma metabolomic signatures associated with common types of gastrointestinal(GI) cancer, including esophageal, gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, and hepatic cancers.

2.Identify common and distinct metabolites associated with different types of GI cancer, which could provide important insight underlying GI carcinogenesis.

3.Reveal the risk prediction ability of the identified signatures for GI cancers.

4.Identify and compare metabolomic signatures associated with obesity-related cancers.