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Approved Research

Identification of Genetic Modifiers

Principal Investigator: Dr Christian Schubert
Approved Research ID: 78707
Approval date: April 22nd 2022

Lay summary

Genetic modifiers are changes in our genetic code that affect how likely it is that a person at risk for a certain disease will ultimately get sick. As such, they can be good drug targets for new medicines. This research aims to use the available data in UKBB to find new genetic modifiers for several diseases, both common and rare. Our focus is on measurable and heritable traits that accurately reflect or predict biological functions. By completing a triangular relationship between genetic differences, biological and clinical outcomes, and disease risk, we aim to identify targets for new drugs that will positively impact the likelihood that a person ultimately becomes ill. The duration of the project will initially be a rolling 3-year period, as we anticipate studying new diseases as funding permits. The expected public health impact of this work is to find new drug targets to treat diseases for which currently no medicines or only inadequate medical treatment options are available.