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Approved research

Identification of risk factors for venous thromboembolism

Principal Investigator: Professor Kazem Rahimi
Approved Research ID: 42447
Approval date: April 23rd 2019

Lay summary

The venous thromboembolism (VTE) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) share common modifiable risk factors. While there is a general consensus for a positive association of body mass index and VTE risk, the role of other well-known CVD risk factors such as blood measurement, lipid profile, anthropometric variables and nutritional variables is not still clear. UK biobank study provides a unique opportunity for assessing the causal role of such risk factors. In this application, we propose to make use of the genetic as well as other types of information from the UK Biobank to investigate the causes of VTE. These analyses will be an important step in developing interventions to guide further research, practice and policy. We estimate that the project will be completed within 12 months after all data have been obtained.