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Approved research

Identifying lifestyle, environmental and employment factors and their interactions with genetic alleles in various skin cancers

Principal Investigator: Dr Ivan Litvinov
Approved Research ID: 45068
Approval date: January 25th 2019

Lay summary

Skin cancers are caused by both environmental and genetic factors. Except for sun exposure and skin color, whether and how other environmental factors contribute to skin cancer risk are largely unknown. In addition, some individuals with the same skin color and sun exposure are more likely to develop skin cancers than others. In this study, I aim to 1) explore the effects of a range of lifestyle, environmental and employment factors on various skin cancer risk; 2) investigate their interactive effects with genetic alleles in high risk individuals; and 3) compare the differences of the effects of environmental and genetic factors in people with different ethnic background. I expect the study to last about two years. Results from this project may lead to new hypotheses to test at a later stage. Results from this study will identify environmental risk factors and high risk individuals for developing skin cancers. Skin cancer prevention programs will be more efficient if they focus on changing high-risk behaviors and on targeting individuals at high risk. This study will also show how risk factors are different in both Caucasian and non-Caucasian populations, so recommendations can be more adapted to ethnic considerations. This study will likely to provide evidence for reducing skin cancer risk by modifying other occupational, leisurely and lifestyle exposures, not just sun protection.