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Approved research

Identifying polymorphisms in GPR101 associated with inflammatory diseases

Principal Investigator: Mr Esteban Alberto Gomez Cifuentes
Approved Research ID: 55718
Approval date: March 29th 2020

Lay summary

I would like to expand the scope of our studies to evaluate the role of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in other genes that encode for proteins within the SPM and how these associates with a range of inflammatory disorders (including cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, neuroinflammation, asthma, etc.). For that purpose, the methodology to apply will be a candidate gene association analysis approach focused on the characterization of different genetic mutations in SPM related genes, which include the SPM biosynthetic (including ALOX family, COX2, GTTs, DPEPs, GSTM, etc.) and the receptors that mediate the biological actions of the SPM (including GPR18, CMKLR1 and LGR6). These SNPs will be then correlate with phenotypes and clinical outcomes to understand better the development and progression of inflammatory conditions.