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Approved Research

Identifying protein-coding variants involved in chronic kidney disease and related traits

Principal Investigator: Dr Rodney Lea
Approved Research ID: 72349
Approval date: April 27th 2021

Lay summary

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the persistent loss of kidney function and is known to be influenced by genetic factors.  CKD shares several risk factors with other chronic diseases, like high blood pressure and diabetes. This suggests there might be a common genetic basis. Epigenetic factors are DNA-based and might also be crucial in determining CKD onset and progression because these could act as a molecular interface for the environment to interact with the genome.

In this study we aim to use the Norfolk Island Health Study (as a discovery cohort) and the UKB (as a replication cohort) to study the genetics and epigenetics of CKD.  Specifically, we will employ powerful statistical and computing methodologies to link genetic and epigenetic markers to multiple CKD related traits. The outcomes of this project should be helpful in predicting CKD risk, and in turn, assist with preventing and treating CKD.