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Approved Research

Improving risk prediction models for common cancers

Principal Investigator: Dr Laurent Briollais
Approved Research ID: 64636
Approval date: September 7th 2021

Lay summary

There is an estimated 370,000 new cases of cancers in the UK every year and about 230,000 in Canada. The prediction ability of most existing risk prediction models is relatively modest and their large discrepancy in determining high-risk individuals who might benefit intensive screening/interventions, make their clinical utility questionable. Given their importance for genetic counseling and clinical management of cancer patients, it becomes more than timely to extend risk prediction models. Our research proposal will fill some important gaps in several areas: a) It will yield enhanced risk predictions of cancers in the general population; b) It will provide a better assessment of genetic risk profiles, biomarker and imaging data on cancer risks; c) The dynamic predictions of cancer risks could lead to a more personalized clinical treatment of individuals in the general population.