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Approved Research

In-silico analysis of genetic, lifestyle and environmental influences on Vitamin D levels in respiratory diseases

Principal Investigator: Mr Sagar Samrat Mohanty
Approved Research ID: 82686
Approval date: May 19th 2022

Lay summary

Aims:  To investigate the associations between genetic, lifestyle, environmental factors and vitamin D status, and immunological marker status in respiratory illness.

Scientific rationale:  The global prevalence of vitamin D deficiency appears to be increasing and thereby impacting human health. Lower circulating levels of vitamin D status have been associated with an increased risk of many disease outcomes, including respiratory diseases. Vitamin D deficiency may be one of the factors for the covid-19 severity outcomes due to its link with acute respiratory infections observed.

It is warranted to examine various underlying factors like genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors determining the levels of vitamin D and contributing to the association of Vitamin D with respiratory infections.

Project duration: The study duration will be 03 years.

Public health impact: This project is expected to improve understanding of the independent and joint effect of genetic, lifestyle, environmental factors on vitamin D status, its association with immunological marker status, and respiratory illness, which will help to assess the modifiable risk and take strategies to prevent acute respiratory infections and take the decision on vitamin D supplementation.