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Approved Research

Inference of genetic predictors and precision treatment patterns for ImmunoInflammatory disorders

Principal Investigator: Dr Jacob Oppenheim
Approved Research ID: 84381
Approval date: May 5th 2022

Lay summary

Immuno-inflammatory diseases have complex causes and are likely combinations of an individuals genes and environment.  We can try to understand the multiplicity of these causes by looking at patients' genomes to understand what is genetically encoded and what is due to lifestyle, habits, or exposure to certain types of environments.  While new medications have improved they way immuno-inflammatory diseases are treated, not all patients respond similarly.  Given these diseases are chronic, patients may suffer unnecessarily if the treatments do not work well enough, have a high cost, or both. Our goal is to be able to understand who is responding to what drug from their medical records and marry this with our understanding of causes of disease from genomes and environmental exposures.  If we can get these pieces right, we will be better able to match patients and therapies, saving them money and frustration, getting them more effective treatments, and making our healthcare system more sustainable, more responsive, and more effective.  Additionally, we will be able to design better clinical trials for the next generation of medicines to continue improving the lives of patients sufferings from immuno-inflammatory diseases.