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Approved Research

Integrative analysis of genomic, molecular, cellular, and biochemical measures to inform cancer etiology

Principal Investigator: Dr Mitchell Machiela
Approved Research ID: 92005
Approval date: September 21st 2022

Lay summary

Cancer is a complex disease. Studies that seek to understand the causes and early stages of cancer need to jointly examine the many different risk factors that predispose to cancer. This enables better understanding of how risk factors influence each other and could identify important markers for better identifying or treating cancer. Our proposal will perform combined analysis of data on genetics, common laboratory tests, environmental exposures, and lifestyle choices. Results from our study will improve understanding on how cancer risk factors lead to cancer, help identify how risk factors work together to increase risk of cancer and improve understanding of early changes that could lead to cancer. The duration of our project will span for three years. We anticipate findings from our study will improve understanding of cancer risk and may lead to new approaches for early detection and treatment of cancer.