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Approved Research

Investigating associations between blood pressure and peripheral vascular diseases.

Principal Investigator: Dr Xinwu Lu
Approved Research ID: 88192
Approval date: September 16th 2022

Lay summary

To what extent and how does the blood pressure affect the development and progression of peripheral vascular diseases? We will try to answer this major question. It is by now well known that hypertension is a predominant risk factor for vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, aortic dissection and aortic aneurysm, but the pathophysiological mechanisms of this relationship remain to be explored. Therefore, our goal is to illustrate the influence of blood pressure on the peripheral vascular diseases. Blood pressure control plays a vital role in the management of vascular diseases, but the target value of blood pressure control therapy is vague and lacks high-level evidence. As a result, a better understanding of the effects of the blood pressure on the individual is urgently needed to optimize the clinical pathway. Based on the basic information, medical history and blood pressure, we will find out risk factors of peripheral vascular diseases and develop individualized prevention strategies among the general population, and thus reduce public health burden resulting from peripheral vascular diseases.