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Approved Research

Investigating complex relationships between genetics, exposures, biomarkers, endophenotypes and cardiometabolic, inflammatory, immune and brain-related health outcomes

Principal Investigator: Dr Rona Strawbridge
Approved Research ID: 71392
Approval date: March 3rd 2023

Lay summary

The increasing age of the population, and the increasing number of people currently living with one or more health conditions (mental or physical) places a large burden on the health and social care services. Understanding the complex relationships between factors contributing to health outcomes, their onset, progression and severity is increasingly important. Identifying high-risk groups enables us to detect problems early and target resources. Understanding the distribution of disease between groups can help explain the causes of disease and help identify new methods of prevention and treatment.    

Aim: To investigate relationships between exposures, risk markers and health outcomes

Objectives: To investigate the frequency, distribution and relationships between determinants of health outcomes, in order to better understand who gets ill and why. We hope that this work will improve prevention, early identification and treatment of health outcomes. The extensive range of data available in UK Biobank means it is a valuable resource to explore relationships between health determinants. Subsequent work will be required to ensure the generalisability of UK Biobank findings to the wider UK and global population. Analyses will consider sex-specific effects and the impact of ancestry on health outcomes, and a major theme of our work is understanding health inequalities. Results of this project will be reported to audiences such as the scientific community, policy makers and the general public in a variety of formats. Our findings will provide information to improve the treatment and health services offered to the public, and furthermore increase wellbeing and quality of life on a population level.