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Approved Research

Investigating genetic variants identified from drug toxicity cases

Principal Investigator: Professor Todd Skaar
Approved Research ID: 86441
Approval date: June 13th 2022

Lay summary

This research will investigate genetic factors that cause certain people to experience toxicity or unwanted serious side effects from certain medications.

Aim: We aim to identify genetic variants ("genes") that are associated with characteristics that predispose people to a higher risk of drug toxicity.

Scientific Rationale: We will base our hypotheses on genetic variants that we find in individuals in our clinic who experience profound drug toxicity. These "candidate" genes will be our focus and we will use the UK biobank data to see which candidate genes are associated with characteristics related to the drug toxicity.

Project Duration: This project will be carried out initially over the course of 3 years, but will be extended if our Aim is successful in identifying new genes that predict an individuals risk of toxicity.

Public Health Impact: Identifying these genetic factors will allow us to develop strategies to avoid toxicity in these people which will results in safer medication usage.