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Approved research

Leveraging genetic and phenotypic data for genetic epidemiology and target prioritization

Principal Investigator: Dr Nehal Gosalia
Approved Research ID: 58961
Approval date: April 1st 2020

Lay summary

Our goal is to use the UK Biobank resource to better understand the relationships between genetics and diseases. We will use the UK Biobank genetic and phenotypic data to improve our understanding of disease biology and to identify and prioritize drug targets. To achieve this goal, we will first use the genetic data to characterize the distribution and frequency of genetic variation in disease-causing genes. Next, we will use the available phenotypes and apply multiple approaches to determine the impact of the genetic variation on health outcomes such as reported medical conditions. Access to the UK Biobank resource will improve our understanding of genetic diseases and has the potential to bring new medicines to patients in need by reducing risk and improving efficacy of new therapeutics in development.