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Approved Research

Lifestyle, metabolic/inflammatory profile, genetics and neurological diseases among participants in the UK Biobank

Principal Investigator: Dr Li-Hua Chen
Approved Research ID: 62811
Approval date: October 26th 2020

Lay summary

Neurological diseases (such as dementia, parkinson's disease, stroke and depression) is now regarded as an epidemic in many countries. However, interventions to delay these neurological diseases are still controversial. We aimed to understand how diet, metabolic profile and genetics affect the outcome of neurological diseases, and finally make a strategy to slow this epidemic. We have four specific aims 1) to study the associations between metabolic/inflammatory profile and neurological diseases risks among UK Biobank participants; 2) to study whether lifestyle factors modify the associations between metabolic/inflammatory profile and neurological diseases; 3) to investigate whether the associations of metabolic/inflammatory profile and lifestyle with neurological diseases differed in different levels of body composition; 4) to understand the genetic mechanisms underlying the associations mentioned above. The metabolic characteristics will include lipid profile and inflammatory markers. Genetic variations related to metabolic pathways will also be considered.

We will apply statistical models to examine the associations of diet, physical activity, body composition and metabolic disturbances with risk of the aforementioned diseases. Because lifestyles are modifiable risk factors, this study will be useful in guiding the development of prevention strategies for these above mentioned neurological disorders.