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Approved research

Lifestyle risk factors in association with dementia risk

Principal Investigator: Professor John Gallacher
Approved Research ID: 15697
Approval date: June 1st 2017

Lay summary

The MRC Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) is a multi-cohort collaboration. This proposal is to use UKB data alongside that of other cohorts to investigate the determinants of dementia. To do this we will need to compare cognitive and lifestyle data in those with and without dementia. We will need to take account of co-morbidities, family history, genetics imaging and biomarkers. Dementia is a major public health problem and one of the chronic diseases that UKB was established to investigate We will compare risk factors for dementia prevalence and incidence within cohorts and between cohorts. This is a statistical analysis of existing data. UKB will be used to generate hypotheses which will be tested in confirmatory analyses using other DPUK cohorts. full cohort