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Approved research

Longitudinal associations between social activities and structural and functional MRI markers of the ageing brain

Principal Investigator: Miss Melis Anaturk
Approved Research ID: 45301
Approval date: February 21st 2019

Lay summary

As the global population is rapidly ageing, there is a growing need to identify factors that support cognition well into old age. Previous findings suggest that frequently participating in social activities is linked to higher levels of cognitive function and a reduced risk of Alzheimer's Disease. However, the extent to which activities relate to underlying brain structure and function is not yet fully understood. Therefore, the main aim of this proposed research project is to evaluate whether social activities, measured over time, are related to imaging measures of brain structure and function. We also aim to examine whether there are specific activities that could be particularly beneficial for maintaining the brain's health in old age. The findings of this project will have important implications for adults and clinicians alike, as it may highlight particular activities associated with better brain maintenance in old age. It will also be informative for the development of lifestyle interventions aimed at promoting healthy cognitive ageing, by identifying targets for these interventions to address. The expected duration of this research project is 24 months.